Canine Pizza Thief Leads the Way to Abandoned Litter of Puppies

Not to condone petty theft, but sometimes thieves have a good reason for stealing something. That was the case when a dog in California stole pizza in order to feed her litter of puppies.

It all started when a group of friends in Palo Alto, California sat down to eat pizza on their lunch break. That lunch was interrupted when a stray dog came up and stole a slice of pepperoni pizza.

Rather than chase the dog themselves, the dogs called the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA in San Francisco. When the Humane Society sent a team after the stray dog, the abandoned terrier led them to a litter of six puppies that were hungry and struggling to survive.

“The puppies were only about a week old went we found them,” explains Human Society spokesperson Buffy Martin Tarbox. “The mom was nursing but she wasn’t getting any nutrition. If we hadn’t found them they’ve probably would not have survived.”

The mother, who the Humane Society named Queen Elizabeth, was nursing but had no consistent source of food. However, other than malnourishment, she was in relatively good health.

“This poor little dog was struggling to survive on her own, eating whatever scraps of food she could find and trying to take care of her babies,” says Tarbox.

Queen Elizabeth did not have a microchip and no owner could be found. The Humane Society found a foster mother for Queen Elizabeth and her six puppies, who were all given names relating to the royal family: Harry, William, Duchess Kate, Meghan, Charlotte, and Lady Di.

Roughly six weeks after being discovered, the puppies are all doing well and have been weaned off their mother’s milk. Now they are ready to be adopted. To think, it all started with a stolen slice of pepperoni pizza.