Candy Crush Video Game Comes To The Real World

This is one for the storybooks.  What is being billed the snaccidents of all accidents—and blamed on careless driving not an overindulgent sugar high—resulted in a not so sweet outcome for two drivers

Earlier this month a tractor-trailer truck carrying colorful bits of candy overturned in New Jersey as an apparent incident of the all too common and ever-increasing driving condition known as road rage.

Image: Bergen Record

On Wednesday, the Mahwah Police Department released footage of the accident, obtained and provided by a Dashcam.  The footage shows a truck proceeding to flip over on its side, after the driver of an SUV quickly merges in front of the tractor-trailer, in what is being reported as an attempt to slow the truck down.

Mahwah chief of police, James Batelli, told the New York Post that:

“the driver of the SUV had claimed to have seen the trucker driving aggressively and recklessly and decided to take the matter in his own hands and slow the tractor-trailer down to prevent any type of accident.”

According to a report by the North Jersey Record, it was at that time the truck driver lost control, hit the median and overturned scattering color candy pieces all over the road.

Image: Toronto Star

While the only victims of the accident were the candy pieces, Mahwah Police are using the incident as a  learning lesson to drivers of the dangers and results that can happen when road rage is allowed to take over.

Batelli went on to say”

“Miraculously no other vehicles struck the tractor-trailer, which could have resulted in a major accident event.”

Both the tractor-trailer and the SUV driver were ticketed and issued summonses for careless driving, failure to maintain, failure to signal, and delaying of traffic.