Can You Survive A Night Against Jason?

Anyone who is a true horror fan will tell you when it comes to the scariest individual out there, Jason of Camp Crystal Lake beats them all—hands down!

In the vein of masterful horror and just some good ol scary fun, and Arizona campground hosts a series of nights, that is the most frightening camping experience out there.  The host, On Pins and Needles, give you F13: Survive Jason.

The events have you solving puzzles that will aid in your escaping the nightmare that is Jason.  The events occur at night, in the dark, with Jason and his handpicked friends just itching to get their hands on you.  You may not see them, but rest assured that they see you—always.

Each event includes three games of 25 minutes each, all being held throughout the night.  Each game is comprised of eight players that serve to team up against Jason.  Feel brave and lucky?  You can choose to go solo—but we would not suggest it.  Before the night games begin, there is the offering of a pre-game cookout.

Image: awesome jelly

Do you and your friends like the idea of being scared out of your minds, while at the same time camping.  Then this may very well be the event you have been longing for.  The cost typically is only $25 per person.

The events are traditionally held at pre-designated campgrounds around the areas of Prescott and Flagstaff.  If you decide you want to enjoy the pre-game cookout, you will need to arrive at least thirty minutes before the games are scheduled to begin.

What something to commemorate the event?  The event organizers also offer horror-themed photoshoots that will make your nightmares more vivid.  One thing is for sure—you and your friends will have one long, epic night trying to stay ahead of Jason and his crew and survive.