Can Coffee Ground Be Used To Stop Bleeding?

Bleeding injuries can be particularly traumatic for those unable to control them at home by applying pressure or bandaging. It is still complicated that millions of Americans take anticoagulants to prevent a stroke or treat a blood clot.

These blood-thinning effects are not easily reversed, and patients with a seemingly harmless injury may require a high degree of care in the ER.


One of the primary reasons Americans end up in the ER is to assess and treat a laceration, a deep cut, or a tear in the skin. People who have been cut represent about 8% of all ER visits; that’s 9 million lacerations treated annually in the U.S.

Not surprisingly, many patients tried various home remedies to control bleeding before deciding to come to the ER. One of the more exciting things we’ve seen is sticking coffee grounds into a bleeding wound.

Do Coffee Grounds Help Control Bleeding?

Coffee caffeine is a known vasoconstrictor or something that can decrease blood circulation. In the ER, powerful vasoconstrictive epinephrine is injected along with the local anesthetic lidocaine to control bleeding in a wound.

Doctors advise people to do at home to what they do it in the ER. It is most likely that bleeding control is achieved by wrapping the wound directly with the coffee grounds. The coffee grounds may also absorb some oozing and give the impression that the bleeding is controlled.


Compared to other home remedies, coffee grounds are the best remedy to control blood, and it appeared as a local practice for wound healing in Southeast Asia.