Camila Alves New Children’s Book Tackles Picky Eating In the Smartest Way

Camila Alves McConaughey is a model and designer.

Camila Alves speaks about her new children’s book, which most sneakily helps kids develop healthy eating habits.

Camila Alves is married to Mathew McConaughey, an actor who promoted the book “Just Try One Bite” earlier this week. She shared on Instagram, showing off the cover, “Do you have a ‘picky eater in your life? So do I.”

Camila mentions, “When I say, ‘picky eater,’ many of you think it is for kids, but I am referring to parents who do not eat vegetables which have mentioned in my new book with @adammansbach! If there are any picky eaters in your family, you would love to read this book “Just Try One Bite.”

She co-wrote the book with Adam Mansbach, author of the famous humor book “Go the Fuck to Sleep.” The book will be published in March by Dial Books (Penguin Random House). It is currently available for pre-order.

The story is about three kids who are “determined to get their parents to put down ice cream, cake, and chicken fried steak just to try one bite of healthy whole foods.”

Camila described the book earlier in November as “funny, cute, sweet, and the roles are reversed. The kids know best!”

She wrote on Instagram, “On my journey to do better for you and me, one thing I realized is that if we start young, we build lifelong healthy habits.” “So I wanted to share that message without preaching and instead empower!”