Britain’s Second Largest Airport Shut Down Due To A Drone Playing Cat And Mouse

If you were one of the hundreds of thousands of travelers trying to catch a flight at London’s Gatwick Airport yesterday, then being frustrated was not a strong enough expression for you.  The airport experienced a major disruption in flights, and it was not due to weather—but due to a drone instead.

Flights were held up for thirty-six hours while an individual proceeded to wreak havoc with a drone.  So much so that one traveler stated it looked like the drone operator was playing a game of cat and mouse with both police snipers and the army.

Image: PBS

This was the biggest disruption in flight schedules at Gatwick, which is Britain’s second busiest airport, since the large volcano ash cloud of 2010 all but shut the airport down.  Gatwick Airport had stated that over seven hundred plans had been scheduled to take off on Friday, but even then there would still be many delays and possibly more cancellations.

The airport has stated that unidentified technology has now been deployed in and around the airport, in the hopes to keep this kind of situation from happening again.  The Transportation Secretary stated that in regards to the original incident yesterday, that there were believed to be several drones involved and not just one.

Image: ABC Action News

Although the exact reason that the drone operator, or even operators, saw fit to disrupt the airport in the manner in which they did, law enforcement and military are pretty sure that this is not to be seen or termed as a terrorist attack.

With this latest disruption, officials were being made aware that there is a new vulnerability to air flight that up until now had not emerged.  And as such, they will need to work on coming up with a method to prevent any future problems such as these from occurring.

The individual or individuals operating the drone or drones have not been detained as of yet, and no group has come forward to claim responsibility at this time.