Breyers Cinnabon Ice Cream Now Exists

Breyers is well-known around the country as being a leading ice cream brand, and it is certainly no stranger to collaborations when it comes to flavors. You want any type of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream with chunks of any type of cookie or candy or marshmallow or drizzle in it? Breyer’s has it for you.

Now the company is teaming up with another company for a collaboration which is a mixture of dessert and breakfast. Breyers has recently introduced the Breyers Cinnabon frozen dairy dessert, which is a bakery inspired flavor based on the flavor of the delicious cinnamon roll.

The ice cream itself is actually a cinnamon roll flavor and there is a cinnamon swirl mixed throughout the ice cream as well as chunks of dough pieces mixed inside as well. So this ice cream is the joy of eating a cold bit of ice cream with the delicious gooey-ness of the cinnamon roll. Or Breyers took cinnamon roll and chopped it up and threw it into cinnamon flavored ice cream, but either way, it’s a flavorful experience you won’t want to miss!


According to the product description, this is “Vanilla, meet cinnamon and dough. We teamed up with Cinnabon, one of our favorite treats, to create our bakery-inspired dessert — Breyers Cinnamon Cinnabon Frozen Dairy Dessert.”

Right now, this Breyers Cinnabon flavor has only been spotted at regional grocery chain Meijer’s website, although a treat this good will surely roll out to stores nationwide, or at least areas with a dedicated Cinnabon store and customer following. Also, this product is being marketed as a frozen dairy dessert, and not ice cream, and the only difference is that ice cream has a very specific milk-fat content ratio, while frozen dairy dessert is more generously mixed together.