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Boy Remembers Movie Scene To Help Save Brother from Drowning

Rarely do people see a movie that ends up being life-changing. But for a pair of brothers from Detroit, a scene from a movie turned out to be life-saving.

One day last month, 10-year old Jacob O’Connor and his 2-year old brother, Dylan, were spending the day at their grandmother’s house in metropolitan Detroit. At one point, Jacob noticed his brother was missing. When he went into the backyard looking for him, he saw Dylan floating face down in the pool.

After rushing to get Dylan out of the pool, Jacob remembered a scene from the movie San Andreas in which Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s character saves his daughter from drowning by performing chest compressions.

“There was an earthquake, then it caused a tsunami and then there was a daughter that was drowning and he had to get her out and he did the same thing,” Jacob says, recalling the movie scene. “I pulled him out and started giving him compressions.”

Jacob did the same thing he saw The Rock do in the movie and was able to get Dylan to cough up some water. He then ran to his grandmother, who performed mouth-to-mouth until an ambulance arrived.

“Jacob said when he saw Dylan he had just like a flash of that specific scene in the movie and followed through with what he had saw,” explains Christa O’Connor, mother of Jacob and Dylan.


Christa says that San Andreas is one of Jacob’s favorite movies and that he watched it about a week before Dylan’s accident.

Dylan spent two days in the hospital but is now doing fine, showing no lasting side effects of the incident.

“He’s back to his normal little self. A little bundle of energy he is,” says Christa. “The next day he wanted to go swimming!”

Emergency personnel estimate Dylan was in the pool for at least a minute and there’s no doubt that Dylan’s actions saved his brother’s life.

After learning of his part in the story, The Rock sent out a tweet praising Jacob for his actions.