Health Hacks

15 Clever Ways to Boost Your Immune System Quickly

The 2019-2020 “flu” season is quickly devolving into one for the history books, as the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic rips it way across the planet.  Now more then ever it’s super important to focus on how to make your immune system an ironclad, hopefully impenetrable fortress.

Your immune system does a great job of defending your body against pathogens that may cause diseases. But it is not a fail-proof system–especially this year, where the new strains of flu are filling up hospital beds at alarming rates.  Once a pathogen invades your body successfully, you are most likely on a crash course with getting sick.   How bad and how long depends on many factors.

Improving your immune system isn’t simply just a “good genes” kind of thing.  The immune system is collectively comprised of several organs and body systems that help make it work properly. Aside from observing general good health guidelines like a healthy diet and exercise, there are many natural and simple “shortcuts” to an ironclad immune system.  Here are our top 15 immune-boosting tips so that your body can protect itself better against a pathogen assault.