Boho Like a Pro: Get the Look

Easy, Breezy, Boho

Every girl knows the look. The boho girl is channelling Zella Day or Sienna Miller for modern fashion inspiration. Maybe she’s looking through throw-back images of Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks to get the vibes of the Bohemian style queens themselves. But just like every fashion trend out there, “boho” can be “bo-no” if it isn’t done right.

If you are in to the boho chic style movement, then you already know the importance of accessorising. Staple bohemian style icons use accessories to set their look apart from the rest. Before heading out and buying every silver and turquoise piece of jewellery under the sun, set yourself up with the basic accessories every boho girl needs.

Accessories for Better Boho

We are talking about flowers, feathers, and fringe. Accessories are the defining factor that complete the overall look. There are a few staples that every girl needs before expanding beyond the bohemian basics:

  1. Funky chunky rings. You see them whenever you cruise “boho style” on any media platform. Embellished fingers are a staple, but make sure the bling also caters to your unique style and says something different about you.
  2. A versatile scarf. Whether it’s on your head in an homage to gypsy-type style or over your shoulders like a shawl, a good scarf is multipurpose. Find a couple for your closet with interesting colourful patterns that will match many outfits.
  3. The perfect hat. Find one that speaks to you, whether it’s a floppy sunhat or a flat-brimmed felt fedora. It’s the perfect way to top-off any outfit, literally!

Now you know the staple accessories that will take your look to another level of classy bohemian chic. Use them well to accentuate your crochet knits, flowy floral prints, and lacy crop tops. Remember that your accessories are an opportunity to set your look apart from others, so find pieces that speak specifically to you. The more one of a kind your collection is the better – try checking out local farmer’s markets, art fairs, or vintage second hand shops to find hand crafted gems that reflect your personality.