Blue Bell Creamery Announces Christmas Cookies Ice Cream

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Although Halloween and Thanksgiving are still in front of us, the Christmas food trends and flavors are coming out in full swing. Blue Bell Creamery announced this morning that they have a new flavor for the December season and it’s called Christmas Cookies.

Fans of Blue Bell ice cream will recognize the flavor, which was also available last year. The Texas-based company has re-released the flavor in half-gallon sizes and is jam packed with plenty of different holiday cookies. This Christmas Cookies flavor is sugar cookie ice cream with bits of snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, and sugar cookies inside. There are also red sprinkles and bright green icing swirled around inside the ice cream.

The ice cream is described as  “very merry,” and is back by popular demand after selling out in weeks and being unavailable long before December. In addition, Blue Bell also released two new flavors and they are both peppermint based.


The first peppermint flavor is simply called Peppermint, and is available in a half gallon size and the tub of ice cream is a dark green color. If you are a lover of peppermint flavor, than this ice cream is for you.

The next is a Peppermint Bark flavor, which is a mint ice cream with bits of white chocolate and dark chocolate inside it. There is also crushed peppermint candy inside of the ice cream. The half gallon tub of ice cream is also a bright pink color, much like a candy cane.

So ice cream lovers will have plenty of different flavors of ice cream to choose from this holiday season. In addition, Blue Bell has anticipated the popularity of its seasonal flavors, and has assured its fans on social media that it has produced plenty of ice cream in each flavor for the busy holiday season.