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Blood Pressure Rose During The Pandemic Especially For Women

This COVID-19 has made many millions sick, kept Americans from getting preventive care, and worsened depression and anxiety.

A recent study says that there are changes in blood pressure readings for almost half a million Americans in this pandemic. There was no difference between 2019 and 2020 beginning before lockdown.


Experts say they have noticed a “significantly higher” increase in blood pressure from April to December than the previous year, especially among women.

Dr. Luke Laffin, lead author and co-director of the Center for Blood Pressure Disorders at Cleveland Clinic, told ‘Today,’ “it is concerning because these sustained elevations can increase the risk for things like strokes and heart attacks.

There are many factors because women stopped going to the gym, got stressed more, had a worse sleep, and did not have enough food.

Laffin said that there were no “huge increases,” but even a slight rise can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.  In this study, blood pressure increased for all age groups, but most importantly, women.

The experts got evidence because of the “outsized burden that pandemics place on women.” Because of their job demands, making sure their children are ready for remote learning, household chores, and many more.

How To Protect Yourself?

Laffin advises Americans to know their blood pressure numbers as the average blood pressure level is less than 120/80.

If your blood pressure is elevated, talk to your doctor about the next steps. Most of the time, medicines are not required right away, and people can get their blood pressure by changing lifestyle factors like eating less salt, getting regular sleep, and exercising.


It is better to buy a “home blood pressure monitor” if diagnosed with hypertension. Laffin urged all Americans, “You have to stay very vigilant. It is essential at all ages to be conscious of controlling blood pressure.”