Black Widow Character Could Be Returning

The MCU may have lost one of its longest-serving Avengers when Scarlet Johansson said goodbye to her iconic Black Widow role.  And even though the loss is being profoundly felt by fans worldwide, her leaving has opened the franchise up to a whole new world of possibilities.

There is still the fact that the dispute caused by the lawsuit Scarlett Johansson filed against Disney had to be settled before we can even start to see what is in store for the other major MCU players.  One fact we are sure of for now is that Yelena Belova, portrayed by Florence Pugh in Black Widow will return in Hawkeye.

There have even been all types of speculation as to how the character Red Guardian may return, along with the possible return of Rachel Weisz’s character of Melina Vostokoff in future films.  However, the actual topic of rumors currently is that one surprise guest that appeared in Black Widow may be getting set up for a recurring role in the MCU.

Image: Entertainment Weekly

When Black Widow premiered, many moviegoers were surprised to see newcomer Olga Kurylenko’s name positioned high in the cast credits.  Upon further reflection, it seemed that the secret was out with her name’s positioning, and as a result, she was eventually revealed to be Taskmaster.

Now that she is no longer controlled by her father and is free to do as she wishes, the door seems wide open for the, similarly to Black Widow, reformed once assassin, to show up anywhere across the vast MCU.

According to recent rumors, she may be showing up in as many as five additional MCU projects.  With the know skill set that is the Taskmasters, she could quite possibly show up anywhere.