Biggest Skincare Mistakes We Do At Night

We all have a bedtime regimen, and it’s mostly a skincare routine. However, your evening routine may not be as useful as you believe.

Because we don’t stick to a scheduled night after night, we make a lot of nighttime skincare blunders.

Even if you can’t make it perfect every time, a few typical errors are worth correcting. Dermatologists reveal the most common skincare blunders and offer recommendations on how to avoid them.

Vitamin C serums, like retinoids, are best applied at night because of UV inactivation and sensitivity.

Don’t use a vitamin C serum before going to bed.

It should be used during the day as an antioxidant to protect the skin from damage.

Dirt, oil, cosmetics, and even pollution particles accumulate on the skin throughout the day.  These cause skin irritation, inflammation, and free radical damage if they don’t wash it off. Premature aging, dark patches, fine lines, and even wrinkles are all caused by this. It can also invite acne-causing bacteria.

People who do not wash their faces at night accumulate bacteria and other impurities on their pillows, which can increase the harmful effects.

Dermatologists recommend using a two-step process to take care of your skin:

A micellar or oil-based cleanser to remove products worn through the day; secondly, moisturize.  Dryness of the skin can result in redness, sensitivity, and irritation, and using a moisturizer is an efficient approach to replenish the skin’s water supply. Furthermore, when your skin goes into repair mode at night, using a moisturizer will assist boost absorption and improving the skin barrier.

In all this, do not forget to take care of your lips. Apply Vaseline at night to moisturize.

Always change your pillow covers often, and getting enough sleep adds to having good skin.