Did Ya Know?

Biggest Product Failures

Coming up with new products is hard, even for huge companies with long histories of success. Even products with what seems like huge sales numbers are deemed as “failures,” but there are some that everyone can tell are duds. Here’s a list of the biggest failures:

New Coke

To compete with Pepsi, Coca-Cola decided to release a drink that tasted more like Pepsi. Known as “New Coke,” the beverage hit the market in 1985, but bombed. It only took a few weeks for Coke to change back to its original formula.

Pepsi A.M. and Crystal Pepsi

Not be outdone, Pepsi also tried some new products that were not popular. In 1989, they released a Pepsi designed for the morning called Pepsi A.M. It only sold for a year. Just two years later, Pepsi tried another new drink: Crystal Pepsi. This infamous clear cola sold until 1993, and for some reason, again in 2016, though that was more of a joke than anything else.

Colgate lasagna

Why wouldn’t a company known for toothpaste break into the food industry? We can think of so many reasons, but no one at Colgate did apparently when they started selling beef lasagna in the 1980’s. Hilariously, when approached by the Museum of Failures in Sweden, Colgate didn’t want their product featured. The museum curator went ahead and made a replica anyway.

Cosmopolitan yogurt

For some reason, the magazine Cosmopolitan decided to get into the food business in 1999. They released a yogurt, apparently because they made a link between people reading the magazine for sex tips and people who liked dairy. The yogurt was more expensive than more established brands and was discontinued after a year.

Burger King Satisfries

When people eat French fries, they aren’t expecting health food. Burger King though they could change that by making “Satisfries” in 2013, which were made with less fat. People did not buy them and after less than a year, the sad potatoes were off the menu.