BIC Introduces New Break Resistant Coloring Utensils

For students, returning to the classroom looks a little bit different this year, and so will the school supplies. Each year, students are given a list of school supplies to purchase for the upcoming school year, which includes things like paper, glue sticks and crayons.

Office and school supplies manufacturing company BIC recently announced that they are releasing a new line of kids coloring utensils, which includes a new crayon that is break resistant. Gone are the days of coloring or writing with a crayon and having it suddenly break in half.

The new kids coloring is different from other products in stores because they are designed specifically for use by children, not adults. The line includes crayons, markers and colored pencils, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your coloring utensil while you use it.


In fact, each coloring utensil has its own unique way of staying secure. There are washable markers so nothing is permanent, splinter-free colored pencils so no injuries while furiously coloring, and break-resistant crayons to make sure you finish your coloring. This new line of BIC coloring utensils is currently available at Walmart stores nationwide, and online.

The break resistant crayons don’t include any sort of wrapping paper, so kids don’t need to peel it off when the crayon starts to wear down. Also, the crayon is specially designed to take added pressure so it won’t break when the crayon is pressed down hard onto paper.

The colored pencils have break resistant cores inside that won’t splinter when they break, but at the same time the pencils remain easy to sharpen. The markers are washable so no worries about color being stuck in clothes or on walls, and are even designed when strong tips that won’t dry out the crayon if they are left without the cap on.