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Best Ways To Battle Seasonal Depression

Summer is over and the days are getting shorter. For a lot of people, that means seasonal depression becomes an issue. Negative thoughts are more common, and it can be hard to get out of bed in the morning. Here are some ways to deal with the symptoms (not counting medication):

Use a light box

These boxes emit light that imitates sunlight, which is in shorter supply in the fall and winter. It’s brighter than a light bulb and on a different wavelength, so it isn’t the same as just sitting in front of a lamp. To combat seasonal depression, sit in front of the box for a half hour a day. Most people do it in the morning. This can help your sleep cycle and make it easier to start the day.

Get outside

Fresh air and nature are valuable to anyone, but can really lift the spirits of someone struggling with seasonal depression. Depending on where you live, getting outside this time of year might mean some walks in the rain, but with a good coat and umbrella, it can actually be really enjoyable. You can also just sit outside away from the rain with a mug of hot tea or coffee for your dose of fresh air. On sunny days, try to take advantage as much as possible. 

woman walking in fall

Walks outside in the fresh air (especially when there’s sun) can help with SAD

Get more vitamin D 

Low levels of this vitamin have been linked to seasonal depression, which makes sense, since one of the main sources of vitamin D is received through sunshine. Without this source, you have to supplement. If you’re feeling symptoms of depression, get your vitamin D levels tested, and see what your doctor recommends. 

Try aromatherapy

Blends of essential oils and aromatherapy have been shown to have a positive effect on depression and anxiety, and the same applies to SAD. A high-quality oil like bergamot, lavender, sage, sweet orange, and more can lift your mood, so consider getting some along with a diffuser.