Brilliant Life Hacks That You Need To Try Right Now

Dryer Sheets Make Helpful Dusters

There are chances that a lot of dust enters your house every day, and we might be able to find a solution for this. Dust does not just penetrate your home through a window or open door but also the ac and heating units. So, it is better to use dryer sheets as their static absorbent capacity makes them ideal for removing dust from appliances, blinds, and everything in between. The same static absorption qualities that make them excellent dust extractors make them perfect for picking up powdered dust. You need to place a dryer sheet on the surface, which attracts a lot of unwanted dust particles. Dryer sheets can also prevent dust on baseboard and hardwood flooring.

Untangle Your Jewelry With a Straw

Necklace knots are complicated to untangle, and unfortunately, the longer and thinner the chain, the more challenging in removing the knot. It is frustrating and can easily ruin your day, especially if you have to deal with multiple pieces of finished chain or a bunch of tangled chain sequences. The best solution for this is to tie the two ends of your necklace by holding a drinking straw vertically. Just drop the smaller end of your necklace clasp down through the straw. When the collar comes out from the bottom of the straw, reconnect both ends of the necklace. This type of process may take some time and requires patience.


A Staple Remover Is The Key To Saving Your Nails

Whenever you need to add a key to a keyring, it is annoying and painful. The separation of this tiny metal with your nails never works as well as you would like it to and usually ends with a pinched finger or a chipped nail. The simple way to get a ring on a keyring is to use a staple remover to avoid these pains. The staple removers have nice thin teeth that can easily slide between the rings of a key ring. It discards the ring when you crunch them, and it’s easy to roll a new key across. It saves you the trouble of having to force the ring with your fingers.