Ben & Jerry’s Releases New Ice Cream Flavors in Collaboration With Netflix

Ben & Jerry’s is a well-known ice cream brand that seems to have figured out the formula for creating popular and relevant ice cream flavors that will appeal to the masses and make us all laugh at the same time.

While the ice cream brand is known for their outlandish combinations of mixing flavors and textures, Ben & Jerry’s does occasionally collaborate with companies to create a new ice cream flavor. In the past, they have teamed with comedians, and now they are teaming up with streaming media giant Netflix.

The streaming service is known for its extensive streaming catalog and its original content, as well as for revolutionizing the way people watch digital content online. There have even been pop culture references and terms specific to the service created. Now, one of these terms is getting its own ice cream flavor.


Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix recently announced that they created a new ice cream flavor called Netflix & Chilll’d, which is a great combination of flavors to eat while you binge-watch your favorite shows on Netflix.  Netflix & Chill’d is marketed as a “Netflix original flavor” and is a peanut butter ice cream with sweet and salty pretzel bits and fudge brownie cookies mixed inside of it.

The flavor is available in the normal pint-sized container, with what looks like a few cows casually sitting on a red couch probably watching Netflix, with two giant scoops of the ice cream on the label next to them. These pints will be available for the regular retail price in stores across the country, and this new flavor is not going to be a limited edition item, so it will be very available for binge-watching.

There is also a dairy-free version of the ice cream, which is called Netflix & Chilll’d Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert, and is also a peanut butter ice cream with pretzel and fudge bits, except it is made with almond milk.