Bella Hadid Posted Several Crying Selfies About Her Struggles With Anxiety

Isabella Khair Hadid is an American model. She began her modeling career at sixteen years old with a commercial project for Flynn Skype.

Recently, Bella Hadid opened up about her mental health struggles on Instagram. The US model shared several pictures of herself in tears on Tuesday, as well as a video of Willow Smith telling how she doesn’t feel “good enough” sometimes.

Willow Smith, I love you and your words. It made me feel less alone, which is why I would like to post this,” Bella Hadid wrote on Instagram.

She also spoke about feelings of insecurity and confusion, which we all tend to have from time to time. She said, “people forget that everyone feels the same thing: lost, confused, not sure of why they are here,” adding that everyone felt anxious and tried to cover it up one way or the other.

Bella Hadid referred earlier to the fight against severe anxiety and depression since her teenage years. In her post, she reminded her 47 million Instagram followers that social media is not reality.

She posted a series of tearful selfies like she wrote: “It’s just about my daily life, every night. For a few years now.”

In her message, Bella Hadid called upon everyone struggling with mental health issues to remember that mental illness and chemical imbalance are not “linear.”

Bella Hadid also wrote that she had “plenty of depressions and burnouts” to know that if you spend enough time understanding your trauma, triggers, and joys, you learn to manage your mental health better.

Many celebrities, including sister Gigi Hadid, applauded Bella for stepping up to the plate on her fight against mental health.

“I love you,” wrote Gigi Hadid in the comments section.