Baskin-Robbins Announces “Stranger Things” Ice Cream

There is only one month left to go until the season three premiere of “Stranger Things,” the science fiction phenomenon peppered with plenty of 1980s nostalgia on the popular streaming service Netflix.  The series will focus on the opening of the new Hawkins Mall, where Steve Harrington will work at the Scoops Ahoy! Ice Cream Shop.

In a clever marketing move, some Baskin-Robbins locations will be decked out to look exactly like the Scoops Ahoy! Ice Cream Shop from the show’s latest trailer. The well-known ice cream chain will also release three new flavors of ice cream before the third season debut.

Each flavor will be available to buy as pints of ice cream as well as fully dressed sundaes. The first of these flavors is called “Eleven’s Heaven,” which is described as waffle cone flavored ice cream with a chocolate coating and bits of sugar cone sprinkled inside.

Source: USA Today

The second flavor is called the Upside Down sundae or the Demogorgon sundae, which is a praline flavored ice cream with chocolate bits inside. When served, it is rolled in bright red sprinkles and placed in a waffle cone. The third flavor is the USS Butterscotch, which is a butterscotch flavored ice cream.

In addition, there is the Byers House Lights Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treat, which is a nod to the Christmas lights at the Byer’s house from season one. This ice cream pizza is made of Chocolate Chip Polar Pizza crust with Snickers ice cream and then topped with strings of fudge and M&Ms Chocolate Candy Christmas Lights.

There are currently no retail prices available for any of these treats, but given the interest in the “Stranger Things” I think it’s safe to say that fans will pay a pretty penny to buy these exclusive treats.