Barbie Announces Dia de Los Muertos Doll

Mattel is always introducing new Barbie’s to the world as tributes to inspiring women, creating inclusion for people with disabilities, and even incorporating major holidays. The next major holiday that the brand has decided to tackle is Día de Muertos, which is also referred to as Mexican Halloween.

Now that we’ve entered the fall months, Día de Muertos is coming up soon. It’s a lively remembrance of the dead and a colorful affair, with lots of delicious food, special songs, and community. And Mattel has decided to introduce it’s newest doll, Barbie Día de Muertos, which will be available for the public to purchase on September 12.  The doll is made to resemble La Catrina, the most recognizable figure from the holiday.

Her hair is dark and styled with la flor de cempasúchil, or the flower of the dead. It is yellow with about twenty petals, and two butterflies sit atop the flowers on her head as well. The doll hair is also woven into two giant braids, filled with dark brown and green colored hair.


In addition, her makeup is completed to resemble a female skeleton, as it is believed that the colorful face paint is meant to take away the pain of death.  She is wearing a black mermaid style dress, with decorations that include sugar skulls, butterflies and flowers. The shoulders are also embroidered in a traditional Mexican style.  There are even butterflies on her dress and in her hand to signify the event of the butterflies migrating back home during the annual holiday.

The Barbie Dia de Muertos doll will retail for $75 and will be available at Walmart, although it’s unclear how long this limited edition Barbie will be available. The holiday of Día de Muertos begins on October 31 and ends on November 2nd.