Avoid These Foods For A Happy, Healthy Gut!

Nothing is worse than a stomach that won’t settle. People that suffer from stomach pain or an occasionally leaky gut can live in discomfort on a daily basis, and it can really start to affect their overall quality of life. Want to heal your gut without reaching for over-the-counter medications? Start updating your diet.

Renowned gut doctor and author of Happy Gut — Vincent Pedre, MD — avoids these three foods for optimum digestive health. Limit the consumption of these in your diet and you are bound to see significant results!

Avoid Heavy Italian Dishes

Dr. Pedre eats a diet that is gluten-free, so a big plate of pasta is out of the question. He recommends eating some lean, organic meat for protein instead of getting weighed down by a plate filled with carbs.

Rethink Basic Breakfast Foods

Although cereal and milk may be your go-to morning meal, Dr. Pedre avoids this breakfast staple due to its grain and sugar content. As for dairy? He only consumes it in the summer, when there are fewer viruses being spread and he is less susceptible to digestive problems.

Try making a breakfast smoothie with some nut-based milk, greens, and berries for a really great morning pick-me-up, without the digestive consequences!

Cut Back On Caffeine

The most dreaded words that any coffee lover can hear. Although Dr. Pedre says putting down the cup of joe was difficult at first — it was quite the headache, in fact — after about five days he noticed a drastic increase in his energy levels and improvement in his gut health.

“I actually started to feel even more energized than when I was a coffee drinker,” he revealed. Dr. Pedre sticks to matcha tea now, which he claims “has anti-cancer benefits and the L-theanine balances out the caffeine, giving a calmness.”

Here’s to healthy digestion without sacrificing taste!