Avengers: Endgame May Very Well Surpass Every Other Movie Opening Weekend—Predicted To Be Well North of $260 Million

News out of Hollywood is official—Avengers: Endgame has the real potential to total shatter all previous movie box office records as geeks and fans of the Marvel universe swarm to theaters to see just how last summers epic saga and cliffhanger Avengers: Infinity War would end.

Having had its advanced screenings just last night, the most anticipated movie of the summer is well on track to shatter even the highest grossing opening weekend in all of box office history—domestically and worldwide.  The record, which was previously held by Avengers: Infinity War, which opened with an unparalleled $258 million in North America alone, and $640 million worldwide.

Many experts are predicting that Endgame will top well above $260 million for just the weekend alone in North America, although some are going so far as to predict it will be closer to $300.  As for globally, many analysts are agreeing that the box office take could be well over $800 million.

Image: Polygon

There is currently no way to say for sure how much the weekend take will be, but only six films in cinematic history had an opening of $200 million or more in North America.  Also worth noting is that no film has made $300 million in a weekend—or at least it would seem until now.

Although Disney will not comment one way or another on what they expect as far as a number, they did state that they expect Endgame to be amongst, if not the highest, debuts ever.  Factoring the number of theaters the film is opening in, and the fact that some theaters offer showings around the clock, and you can see that Endgame is treading into somewhat uncharted cinematic territory.

Endgame made roughly $107.5 million on Wednesday in China alone but also opened everywhere from France to Iceland oversees.  Box office totals show it earned $169 million collectively overseas on Wednesday.