Ashley Graham Responds To Body Shamer On Instagram

Ashley Graham is an American model and television presenter. She was diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia at an early age.

Ashley Graham responds to her Instagram post on body shamers.

Ashley posted fall photos on Instagram, including a video of her husband Justin Ervin photographing her with her baby belly on full display.

She captioned the post, “Heart is full this fall,” where the couple’s one-year-old son Issac was seen in the photograph.

Although Ashley did not give birth to her twins, she is already being criticized on social media.

For her post on Instagram, one person commented, “Heart & belly is full!” Another commented, “My heart is full seeing how content and happy the three/five of you are.”

Yet, the model could not stay away from criticism with her happy post. She even answered someone who tried to shame her because of the stretch marks on her tummy.

There was a comment which said, “I had twins but did not get stretch marks. I hope that does not affect your career.”

She subtitled a close-up photo of striped stomach weeks after giving birth to her first child in 2020, “same me. Few new stories.”

Graham has since posted slideshows of the body of other women showing stretch marks and cellulite to inspire a more positive body image for his followers. She even talked about how her mother reminded the model to show more love for herself in her present pregnancy.


Someone replied to her latest post, saying, “I love seeing a celebrity with belly marks. I had them, but all I ever saw were smooth, flawless bumps. “Seeing this would have helped me so much.”