Ashely Tisdale’s Dad Dressed Up As Santa To Take Photos With Her Daughter Jupiter

Ashley Tisdale has been isolated due to COVID-19 on Christmas; the actress celebrates the holiday with her family on December 27.

She wrote on her Instagram, “When you miss Christmas, you celebrate it on 27th. The boy in my family knows how to cheer me up.”


Ashley refers to her dad Mike, who dressed up as Santa Claus and took a picture with her nine-month-old daughter Jupiter, whom Ashley shares with Christopher French.

The actress posted a video of her father walking around the lounge in a Santa costume with a gift bag. She captioned, “My dad dressed up as Santa!! JuJu could get a pic with Santa.”

Ashley posts another picture of Jupiter (wearing her festive Christmas dress and Gucci shoes!), staring at her grandpa while sitting on his lap.

She also posts another image of the baby crying in Santa’s arms, which is honestly a parental rite of passage!

On the eve of Christmas, Ashley posts a video showing her taking Jupiter to a Christmas tree and creating other festive memories with her family.


Ashley captioned, “As if my husband was not impressive enough. He has been holding down the fort and taking care of the babe and me while I isolate. Today he surprised me with this video and said, ‘To show you that no matter what, you have already made a beautiful and magical first Christmas for this little day’ now I am ugly crying.”