As A Grandmother, Bjork, 57, Reflects On The Responsibilities Of Her Role

With success as a musician and now as a grandmother, Björk reflects on her lengthy career and recent pursuits.

In a new interview with the UK’s Times, the Icelandic singer, 57, talks about being a grandparent and how it has brought unexpected joy. Bjork said, “Kids have always surrounded me, who had six younger half-siblings. But these days, her 36-year-old son, Sindri, is a father to a little boy.”


She told the outlet, “It’s just as amazing as having your kids; it’s a bonus feature in life that doesn’t get much attention.” Björk also has a 20-year-old daughter, Isadora. The musician duo Doa consists of Sindri and Isadora. They even contributed backing vocals to Björk’s latest album, Fossora, released in September. The three spent the lockdown period of COVID-19 together, which led to the inclusion of her children on the album.

It hasn’t always been this way. Björk says she was “quite protective” of her children when they were younger. Now, she allows them to be a part of her music, even though they “got trolled on Twitter or whatever.”


Besides singing, Isadora also performs as an actor. She has been open about growing up with famous parents. In 2015, her father, artist and film director Matthew Barney filed a lawsuit against her mother, claiming he wasn’t allowed enough time to see his daughter. Despite being clueless at the time, Isadora found the split to be immensely influential. She turned to therapy because of the stress. In the end, it was a beneficial decision.

The divorce caused Björk to raise her children in New York for the first few years of her life. She ultimately decided to return to Iceland because “the violence in the USA is on a scale I can’t even comprehend.”