Argh!  It’s a Reboot Me Mateys!

Pirates of the Caribbean, which had been on, then off, is now back on again according to an article published over at Deadline.  The Disney reboot has been confirmed, and word has it that both Craig Mazin and Ted Elliott will be crafting the script for the newest Pirates film.  Neither Mazin or Elliott is new to the Pirates scene, as they were responsible for co-writing several of the Pirate’s previous installments.

Image: WDW News Today

The film is being reported as still in the earliest of developmental stages. However, we do know that Jerry Bruckheimer is speculated to be returning to the franchise that was made a household name by the character Jack Sparrow, portrayed by none other than Johnny Depp.  The franchise has reportedly done very well, having grossed a worldwide box off of over $4.5 billion.

Although it is somewhat hard to imagine a Pirates movie without Depp’s take on the bleary-eyed buccaneer, it is currently unknown as to whether he is or is not attached to the reboot in any manner.  With all the rumors and speculation that seems to be swirling around the issue of will Depp or won’t he—it is enough to make a fan search out some rum!

Image: SYFY Wire

Usually, when a franchise is rebooted, there are a lot of reasons for it.  Although the first Pirates movie was both a critical and box office success, each sequel that subsequently followed became less and less successful.

Although, as a whole, the franchise has boomed at the box office, each of the sequels to the original proved less and less of a box office hit.  Not to mention the critics that fell in love with the original—not so much the films that followed.

As for Depp donning his buccaneer persona once more, speculations and rumors say that he may very be replaced in the reboot.  This is being credited to his drop in popularity over the last couple of years, as well as his own personal drama surrounding his much-publicized personal life.