Are You Noticing Mushrooms All Over Christmas Decor This Year?

Here is the history behind the fantastic holiday trend.

Experts say it resembles the same color as Santa Claus, red and white.

Fly agaric mushroom, also called ”Amanita Muscaria,” is a psychoactive fungus usually red with white patches.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms have made their way into pop culture throughout the years, especially as a “power-up” mushroom in Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros, a video game franchise. But the iconic mushrooms are also deeply rooted in Christmas folklore, sometimes breaking through the decoration and ornaments of the holidays.

This Christmas, you can notice Christmas mushrooms from throw pillows to holiday ribbons, and hopefully, many of you have found it looked odd.

But “it is about shaman taking psychedelic mushrooms.” “People think they got high on mushrooms and helped people in their villages solve their problems and that they were actually ‘Santa.'”

When contacted, Carl Ruck, a professor of classical studies at Boston University says, there are several ways to interpret the tradition of Christmas mushrooms. There are theories that Santa Claus is the psychoactive fungus – those who ingested Amanita muscaria felt the “Christmas spirit” and associated mushrooms.

Ruck explains, “Yes, the chubby round man in red and white could be an anthropomorphism of the mushroom itself.”

He says, “Santa is a personification of the mushroom’s spirit.” Ruck continues, “There is even a possibility that Santa Claus as mushroom surfaces from a cult within Christianity where a psychoactive mushroom was served for the elite in Eucharist.”

Moreover, Ruck says that the stories of flying reindeer may come from shamans who took part in the agaric fungus to the fly and then had visions, not of sugarplums, but flying mammals.

Ruck says, “It is implausible that this guy would travel around flying in the air with reindeer when we know that they don’t fly.” “Perhaps this was a more spiritual flight.”

For those curious about the Christmas fungus, Ruck warns not to try your shaman celebrations at home.

Ruck warns, “This mushroom isn’t easy to eat. You have to know how to prepare, and if you don’t do it correctly, you will get sick. It is not something to experiment with.”