Are They Changing Ms. Marvels Powers?

If you are not one of the multitude of millions of fans watching the original Marvel studios series on the online streaming service Disney+, then you are losing out.  WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki have all had storylines that will ripple through the MCU.

However, there is one series coming up that is making fans more than a little apprehensive after revealing its concept art.  The reason?  The concept art shows what many see as a problematic change in one of the main character’s powers.

Ms. Marvel will soon be seen in her own series, starring the newcomer Iman Vellani.  When Feige and crew announced the inclusion of Ms. Marvel in Phase 4 of the MCU, fans were thrilled and delighted, as she would be the very first superhero of Muslin descent.

However, since that announcement, there seem to be rumors of casting decisions that will possibly change the inhuman back story of the character, which is the part that is causing apprehension amongst the fans.

Image: Looper

Even though Feige has stated the Marvel studios was working and focusing on incorporating more diversity into the overall MCU, there have undoubtedly been some missteps along the way.

Although it appears to be a comic book accurate costume in a recently released concept art, there is a purple energy glow around the character’s hand.

This purple glow around hand seems somewhat contradictory to the comic book version, as that Ms. Marvel’s powers are those of shapeshifting.  So, what does the purple glow around her hand indicate in the concept art?  Although it may be possible that the glow is linked to her shapeshifting powers, she has never created purple energy before.

The rumors and speculation are that Ms. Marvel will use a bracelet, an heirloom from her grandmother, to construct magic to surround her body instead of having shapeshifting powers.

In addition to other recent casting controversies from December 2020, this change has given birth to the hashtag #fixmsmarvel.