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April The Giraffe Finally Allowed To Retire

Word out of Harpursville, New York is that internet star and sensation April the Giraffe’s baby making days are over.  That’s right, she has officially been put on birth control and will no longer be a part of the breeding program at her home at Animal Adventure Park.

April, the 17-year-old giraffe, has given birth to five different calves over the years.  And now, it is time for her baby making days to come to an end and for her to enjoy her golden years.  In a Facebook Video, park owner Jordan Patch expounded on how April had done her job of producing beautiful, healthy calves.

Her contribution to the breeding program will go a long way to bring the species back from the brink of extinction.  Patch stated it was a time of grand celebration, as April had undoubtedly done her purpose.

Image: Fox8

Although April is going into baby making retirement, she will still participate in the education and conservation initiatives that Animal Adventure Park offers.  April first came to public notice and established her internet following, when she was in the later months of her fourth pregnancy.  Hundreds of thousands of YouTube fans tuned in daily, watching the park’s “giraffe cam,” waiting for the special moment.  At that time, the world witnessed the birth of Tajiri.

Then this last March, April gave birth to what would be her fifth and final calf, Azizi.  Again, hundreds of thousands turned in for his delivery as well.  Although Tajiri currently has his own YouTube channel, there has been no report of if Azizi will have his own.

Stepping into April’s big “shoes” and becoming the female in the park’s breeding program is a female named Johari.  Johari will now be the mate of Oliver, April’s ex, as officially announced and confirmed by Patch.

Image: USA Today

Since April is now on birth control, she will be able to spend her days hanging out with her two big boys—Tajiri and Azizi.  Senior life will be one of enjoying sunny days, carrots trees, and neck rubs from those who visit the park.