Andes Mint Christmas Trees Are The Newest Holiday Candy

Christmas is right around the corner, and people are getting their holiday shopping done and attending holiday parties. Store shelves are lined with all types of decorations and every holiday food trend combination imaginable.

Some of these seasonal and holiday flavors, like peppermint, appear year after year and in even more candy products than the year before. This year people can even purchase edible advent calendars and bizarre mixtures like pickle candy canes. Popular candies like Reeses are releasing new holiday shapes for a limited time as well.

One candy that has always remained the same, no matter the year, time of year, or flavor trend, is the Andes mint. These chocolate and mint flavored candies have always been small rectangular pieces with a bright green wrapping and the Andes logo across it. But now, these iconic candies will be available in Christmas tree form for the very first time and called the Andes Creme de Menthe Christmas trees.


This is also not the first time that Andes Mints has tried to release a Christmas tree shaped chocolate and mint candy. These Christmas trees also appeared on store shelves back in 2016, although it’s unclear where they were sold or for how long the candies were available to the public. The Andes Creme de Menthe Christmas tree is much larger than a traditional Andes mint.

Each Andes Creme de Menthe Christmas tree has two layers of flavor. The first is a rich chocolate foundation, just like the original candy, so it forms the base of the candy. Then, a delightfully light green mint layer is poured on top to give the tree its detailed decoration of a Christmas tree, a large tied bow on top, and two presents around the base of the Christmas tree, as well as ornaments on the tree.