American Foods Foreigners Find Disgusting

Each culture has its own type of food that it prefers to eat and for the most part doesn’t venture outside those choices.  With that being said, those same cultures may view the food choices we Americans make as…well…disgusting.  Listed below are the more noted foods that we Americans indulge in that tend to turn many foreigners off.

Chicken and Waffles

A southern delicacy that combines sweet with savory, one can almost understand why most foreigners are turned off by this unusual combination.  I mean, lets admit it, chicken doesn’t really go with waffles in the traditional sense, that is unless you ask someone from the south.


This is one food that I can totally understand foreigners being totally turned off to.  Although grits are primarily a breakfast staple, many people (including yours truly) can not get past, well, the grittiness and the feeling you are eating sand.

Image: Country Grocer

Miracle Whip

Who hasn’t heard of Miracle Whip?  Invented in the 1930’s, Miracle Whip was created as a sweeter alternative to Mayonnaise.  Surely a staple in every Americans refrigerator, Miracle Whip is not exactly the healthiest of products, as well as being pretty much an American thing.

Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and gravy is yet another American food favorite that most foreigners find unappealing.  American style biscuits are a variation on British scones, and everywhere outside of the US are only paired with jam or jelly.  The very fact that Americans smother their biscuits with gravy is something other cultures just can’t understand.  And in all honesty, they do not know what they are missing out on.

Image: Wikipedia

Root Beer

Foreigners continue to be baffled by why we Americans enjoy the taste of root beer so much.  To most outside our borders, the popular American drink tastes more like something you would take for a sore throat, such as cough syrup, rather than a beverage of choice.

Corn Dogs

A tried and true staple at almost every fair or festival in the US, foreigners are perplexed over what Americans see in corn dogs.  Basically, just a hot dog, rolled in cornmeal batter, and deep fried, many who are not accustomed to the food pretty much snarl their nose up at it.

What seems normal for Americans, in their preferred food choices, to some foreigners appears outright disgusting.  However, when you look at it, there are foods that foreigners eat that most Americans would not touch with a ten-foot pole.  Taken in this perspective it is understandable how the dislikes can go both ways.