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Amazon Prime Members Can Look Forward To 48 Hours Of Prime Day This Year

Amazon prime members are collectively on the edge of their seats, as Amazon has made a most excellent announcement.  This year’s Prime Day, Amazon’s official middle of July sales extravaganza, will run for two days, not just one as it has years before.

That’s right—48 whole hours of deep and steep discounts and reduction across a variety of items on the website.  The day is being touted as a July version of Black Friday and Cyber Monday all rolled into one.

What is even better, is that the weight for the day is very short now, as Amazon officially announced the great news that the sale will take place Monday, July 15th and Tuesday, July 16th—spanning the whole two days and 48 hours therein.

Lasts years prime day happened on Monday, July 16th, and the website itself crashed almost as soon as it started.  Although that sale lasted 36 hours, the site was down for most of the first hour after starting.

Image: Trusted Reviews

The first Prime Day premiered back in 2015 and has continued to grow exponential each year since then.  The day rivals Black Friday and Cyber Monday for Amazon proving to be one of the biggest sales days on the online retailer’s calendar.

According to Amazon, last years Prime Day was actually the biggest shopping event to date in Amazon’s history.  US shoppers virtually gobbled up the savings on such brands as Amazon’s own Fire TV Stick, along with Instant Post, 23andme DNA tests and the preppers choice the LifeStraw.

Data shows that Prime Day was handily beat by Amazon’s 3018 Cyber Monday sale in single days sales, according to the online retailers.  As is the case with most sales, as Prime Day grows, so does its importance.  The success of Prime, in general, is both essential and vital to Amazon in that those who are members purchase more items and more often.