Adele Reveals She Still Struggles With The Body After Losing Weight

Adele has made many efforts to slim down her body physique, but she acknowledges that she is struggling with body acceptance though she has lost weight.

The “Easy On Me” singer posted her stunning look on Instagram on her birthday in 2020. She opened up on ‘The Face’ about her feelings about her body.

Adele revealed, “I still have things about my body that I don’t like.” They are not insecurities.

VOGUE is trying to spot me sleeveless dresses on their cover page, but I was like: ‘I ain’t showing my arms! I’ve never liked my arms, and I still don’t like my arms.’ Are you mad?

Adele continued, “It goes back to that thing of being thin and happy.” “Yeah, my arms are half the size, and I hate my feet still.”

She performed a new single called “To Be Loved” from her upcoming album “30” on Instagram. Adele continued by saying that she could not wear her favorite clothes and jewelry since her weight loss.

Adele began to lose weight because she was interested in losing weight and getting trimmer.  Now she is happy to love her body that she reduced without the assistance of a trainer.

Adele also mentioned that the exercise worked wonders for her mood.

She said, “I am happy now; it is not because of my weight; it is because of the dedication I gave in. I used to cry, but no sweat.”

In addition, she said, she is still the same “confident and talkative” Adele, even if her body might seem different. “Apart from me feeling agile, I don’t feel any different.”