ABC Has Canceled Fresh Off The Boat

It would seem that, as far as the executives at ABC, the series Fresh Off The Boat has been drydocked.  The network made its official announcement on Friday after being on the air for six seasons, and the series is done, finito, over.  This essentially means that any future plans for production have ultimately been scrapped.

The plan is to combine the final two episodes of the season into one series hourlong finale, slated to air on February 21st.  Referred to by Karey Burke, president of ABC, as an undeniably “unforgettable series,” the show brought the Asian-American family to the front and center—something that is worth noting hasn’t been done in almost two decades.

Image: Deadline

The matriarch and patriarch of the Huang family at the center of the series were masterfully portrayed by Constance Wu and Randall Park.  And as such, both actors have parlayed the series into some significant success on the cinematic screen as well over the past year.

Wu, with her starring roles in both “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Hustlers,” and Park with his leading man spot in Netflix’s “Always Be My Maybe.”  Parks even was able to secure himself an appearance in the MCU.

Image: Hollywood Reporter

Wu is probably one of the few who is happy after hearing of the series cancellation.  It was reported earlier this year that Wu was expressing major disappointment, to the point of reported to have been literally crying, at the thought of having to return to the series.  She took to Twitter to express just how intensely she was upset.

Fresh Off The Boat isn’t the only series ending.  One of ABC’s other staples is coming to a close as well—that of Modern Family.  However, it is thought that the new kids on the block, namely Mixed-ish and The Connors, will now take over the reins.

We do know for sure at this point, that they have some huge “shoes” to fill.