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A Woman Finds Her Camera 13 Years After Losing It In A River

Coral Amayi lost her digital camera 13 years ago after it slipped from her grasp and fell into a Colorado river. Back in 2010, while enjoying a tubing trip with her newlywed friends down the Animas River, Amayi’s camera went missing after she flipped out of her tube. Only later did she realize the cord attaching the camera to her lanyard and flotation device had broken. Thanks to the kindness of a stranger, she recovered her cherished photographs in 2023.

She tells TODAY.com, “When I got to shore, the small cord that attached the camera to the lanyard and floatation device had broken.”


Sadly, the memory card held photos from her friend’s wedding and bridal shower. At first, Amayi hoped she could fish it out but soon realized it was too deep. She said, “I walked back to my boyfriend’s house and was uncontrollably crying.”

Greiner discovered the first camera Amayi lost, rusted, and weathered by the rapids while fishing in the Animas River on March 14. Once he plugged the memory card into a computer, he realized the photos were still there.

Greiner tells TODAY.com, “I was shocked that I could read the SD card, to begin with! When I saw that the pictures were from a wedding and bridal shower, I figured it was worth trying to find the owner.”


The good samaritan posted some of the recovered photos to a Durango, Colorado, Facebook group on March 15. The groom from the wedding commented on the post within an hour.

Greiner said, “I couldn’t believe that I was able to find someone in the photos so quickly.”

Shortly after the incident, Greiner and Amayi connected and were surprised to learn that they share mutual friends. While Greiner’s act of kindness significantly impacted a stranger’s life, he downplays the significance of his actions. Nevertheless, Amayi was deeply moved by Greiner’s gesture and hopes that their story of the recovered camera will inspire others to go the extra mile in reuniting lost items with their rightful owners.