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A Water Sommelier Shares Tips To Find Water You Like

Is water tasteless to you? It is suitable for you to drink water!” We always hear this advice and know that we must drink water daily. According to Martin Riese, America’s first water sommelier, there is a reason for that. He says, “Water is not just water.”

Water can have different flavors, and Riese explains how to find one that is good for you.

Does Water Taste Bad To Some People?

It comes down to your taste buds and preferences. The flavor of natural water varies wildly, depending on how it’s processed.

Every water has a TDS, or total dissolved solids, level, and the more solids” — think metals, minerals, and salts — that are dissolved in water, the stronger the taste of the water.”

Water may taste better if you’re sensitive to certain minerals. Additionally, some medications or treatments can also affect the taste.

What Causes Water Sources To Taste Differently?

According to Riese, “water is totally terroir driven” like wine, meaning that the climate and soil of the region influence its taste.

Tasting the water also depends on its trip to consumers and its source. It all pertains to the water cycle. The water from oceans, lakes, and streams evaporates into the sky and condenses.

Can A Filter Improve Taste?

Water filters and reverse osmosis can reduce chlorine and other contaminants in tap water and make water taste better. They might also remove other minerals that could affect the taste profile of the water, according to Riese.

How Important Is It To Drink Water?

Drinking water keeps our energy levels up, minds focussed, hearts and brains functioning properly. It helps us digest, carries oxygen and nutrients, filters bacteria and wastes, helps manage blood pressure, and even acts as a shock absorber for our brain and spinal cord.

Our bodies contain 65% water, and every cell uses it. The human body can survive one to two months without food, but only a few days without water.

What Makes Water Taste Better?

Before you give up on water, try a taste test to see if there’s a brand you like. In addition, he recommends purchasing four to five different drinks of water.

Try each water at room temperature. “Don’t chill them. You lose most of your taste when you add ice. Riese notes that you are numbing up your taste buds and hiding the flavor of the water.”