A Study Finds That Millennial Women Worry Constantly And Suffer From Medical Gaslighting

Millennial women are known for being a resilient and influential group. They are educated, ambitious, and determined to impact the world positively. However, a recent survey by the women’s health platform Maven Clinic found that millennial women also deal with constant worry and medical gaslighting.

The survey found that millennial women are more likely to experience anxiety than any other age group. More than half of the women surveyed reported feeling anxious about their health at least once a week, and 17% reported feeling anxious daily.

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One of the reasons for this constant worry is medical gaslighting, which occurs when a healthcare provider dismisses a patient’s symptoms, concerns, or experiences as being “all in their head” or not serious. The survey found that 45% of millennial women had experienced medical gaslighting, and 90% of those women said that it had negatively impacted their health.

Medical gaslighting is a severe issue that affects women of all ages, but it is particularly prevalent among millennial women. As a result, millennial women are not used to being questioned by healthcare providers because they are more likely to advocate for themselves and their health.

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A critical step in combating this issue is for healthcare providers to listen to millennial women’s concerns without judging their experiences. It is also essential for millennial women to advocate for themselves and to seek out healthcare providers who will listen to them and take their concerns seriously.

In conclusion, millennial women are dealing with constant worry and medical gaslighting, which can harm their health and well-being. Healthcare providers need to listen to their concerns and experiences without judgment. Millennial women need to advocate for themselves and seek out healthcare providers who will take their problems seriously. By working together, we can ensure that millennial women receive the care and support they need to live happy, healthy lives.