A Quick Guide To Combating An Afternoon Productivity Slump

It’s not just your imagination that productivity slumps happen mid-afternoon. You’re stuck in a biological preset that makes you feel groggy, sluggish, and unable to concentrate, be efficient, or motivate yourself.

A midday energy slump is typical in humans and caused by our natural circadian rhythms. Alexis Haselberger, the productivity expert, said, “An afternoon slump is when you start to feel tired, your energy wanes, and you get a bit of a brain fog.”

A dip in motivation, energy, and focus is not something you can ignore; it’s part of your body’s functions. Martin Ford, an educational psychologist, said, “Our bodies are not designed to run at a high energy pace all day long. A drop in body temperature signals the brain to release melatonin, a hormone that triggers sleep-wake cycles.”

These tips can help you predict, prevent, and push past downtimes.

Take Better Care Of Your Sleep

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Sleep deprivation can make afternoon slumps worse. Some adults need as much as nine hours of sleep a night, says Haselberger. Ford says, “Lack of rejuvenating sleep at night means the body will be trying to catch up during the day.”

Review Breakfast And Lunch

You may feel even more exhausted if you’re dehydrated, overcaffeinated, hungry, or face a blood sugar drop during the afternoon. Haselberger said, “Perhaps switch up your lunch for something that has more protein and will sustain you through the afternoon.”

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Streamline Your Work

When productivity slumps, you have two options: make the most of your energy or take a break. Haselberger suggests accommodating your low mid-afternoon energy when you plan your day if you don’t have time for regular intervals. She says, “Modulate the work you do during your slump.”

Adapt To Your Environment

Changing your surroundings and spending time outside can help your brain reset. Ford says, “When you feel mentally worn out, seek out a change of scenery.” take a walk with a friend to your nearest juice shop to incorporate socialization; increase your pace when walking solo for an energy boost, or take a short stroll to breathe fresh air.