A Movie Poster Mocking Ken In ‘Barbie’ Is Reaching Women. Here’s Why

Greta Gerwig’s upcoming “Barbie” movie has released new posters featuring a group of accomplished Barbies who are politicians, writers, and Pulitzer Prize-winners, while the Kens remain just Kens.

Barbie’s diverse range of professions has gone viral with individual graphics for each character. Examples include a doctor and a Supreme Court Justice. In contrast, Ken dolls remain unidentified, serving only as accessories to Barbie. The tagline “She’s everything. He’s just Ken” has sparked an online conversation about the unequal distribution of related responsibilities. Many women relate to the sentiment.


“According to dating coach and podcast host Damona Hoffman, women often work more than men, although this isn’t true for all relationships. Despite being told they can “have it all,” women still frequently bear the burden of other work.”

Plastic Life Isn’t Always Enjoyable

“The tagline “He’s just Ken” has become a popular meme, where users pair it with famous couples that fit the “everything vs. just Ken” dynamic. This humor stems from a truth that women often feel they bear most of the mental load or household labor in relationships with men.”

“Licensed therapist Virginia Williamson notes studies indicate women often do more household and childcare work than their male partners. Pew Research found 74% of mothers manage their children’s schedules, and 59% do more chores. Williamson advises being true to one’s needs in a partner, seeking equity in areas like planning, finances, and meal preparation.”


Relationship Balance: What Can Couples Do?

“Communication is key to balancing expectations in a relationship, according to Hoffman. Many women don’t speak up for fear of conflict, but not expressing their needs can lead to future problems. Experts suggest early conversations about trust, communication, values, and goals for long-term compatibility. Williamson notes that expressing expectations is vital to prevent ambiguity, hurt feelings, and resentment.”