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8-Year Old Collecting Rain Gear for the Homeless

If you’ve never been to British Columbia, you should know that heavy rain is a regular occurrence there. The weather is particularly tough on homeless people who rarely have the proper attire. But thanks to a selfless 8-year old, many of B.C.’s homeless are getting the rain gear they need.

For the third straight year, 8-year old Ryder Moore of Maple Ridge, B.C., just outside of Vancouver, is raising money to provide proper rain gear to homeless people in British Columbia. He calls the project Ryder’s Rainboots.


The idea came to Ryder two years ago when he was driving with his family in downtown Vancouver and saw people without proper clothing to be outside in the rain. That prompted a conversation with his parents, Sarah and Mike Moore, about poverty.

“We starting talking about the factors that lead people to live on the streets,” recalls Sarah. “A very mature conversation for a six-year-old to have.”

Ryder then asked his parents what he could do to help, and Ryder’s Rainboots was born. He uses raffles, bake sales, a Facebook page, and a GoFundMe page to raise the money to buy boots, ponchos, and other types of rain gear.

“We have had a ton of community members gather around us,” says Sarah. “Ryder has built a passion and flourished, and learned more about why people are living in shelters and on the streets, and in poverty.”


A year ago, Ryder was able to raise over $3,000. That was enough to buy 100 pairs of socks and rainboots, 140 pairs of gloves, 60 ponchos, and 40 children’s rain suits.

The Salvation Army helps to distribute all of the rain gear Ryder’s Rainboots is able to buy. Ryder also adds a handwritten note to each recipient that says: “Hope these boots keep your feet dry.” Some people who receive the rain gear even write Ryder a note back to say thank you.

This year, Ryder has set his sights on raising $5,000 that he can spend on rain gear for those in need.