5 Fun Facts About Apples

Apples are the quintessential American fruit. There is an expression that says “an apple a day keeps the doctor way,” so these red and green fruits have always been a source of health and happiness for the American diet.

  1. Nutritional Information

Apples are a great individual source of fiber, and are especially good for your digestive system if you consume them in the morning hours. Apples also contain no cholesterol, fat or sodium. They are filled with lots of juice as well, which means they are a good food source to eat when you are dehydrated.

  2. Apples Have a Shelf Life of One Year

Apples are a rather dense fruit and their skin is pretty thick, so they do not spoil easily. They give off ethylene gas though, so it’s unwise to keep them with other fruits or the apples will spoil them. Keeping apples together in groups of five or six like they are sometimes packaged together keeps this from happening.

3.  Apples Ripen Faster at Room Temperature

Most people put apples in the refrigerator once they buy them, but not everyone does. Leaving apples out at room temperature actually makes them ripen must faster. The insides will go brown in a matter of a week, while refrigerated apples will last more than one month.

     4.  Apple Variety

Most people look at apples and they see red and green as the colors. There are actually nearly 2,500 different types of apples just growing in the United States. All of these apples come in various sizes and colors, from yellow to orange and from the size of a golf ball to weighing up to three pounds individually.

5.  Apple Cider

Many people consider apple cider to be a hearty drink. That may be in part to the fact that it takes nearly 36 apples to make one gallon of apple cider. Squeezing out all the juice is time-consuming but homemade cider is delicious.