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5 Common Mistakes You Make When Doing Laundry

Laundry is something people either love or dread. Most of us learned to do laundry in our teens; however, most of us are not experts. There are many ways to get laundry wrong which can result in clothes losing quality and getting ruined.

From mixing scents to combining wrong materials, here are the top 5 mistakes that can cost you your wardrobe.


  • Using Excessive Detergent: Using excessive detergent can backfire and make your clothes dirtier. This can create several suds that can cause dirt and grime to catch on clothes and the machine.
  • Using Cleaning Agents After Putting The Clothes In Wash: Modern washers are designed to minimize water use. Detergents and scent beads don’t have the water needed to dissolve and clean your clothes.
  • Not Pretreating: If your clothes stink, you don’t need to put them in the wash directly. Five minutes of pre-treating can make things so much simpler.
  • Combining laundry scents: Some people are particular about how their clothes smell. Using products that are all the same scent helps immensely.
  • Overfilling the machine: leads to clothes not getting cleaned and rubbing against other clothes, wearing them down.

While these are the top 5, there are many more to look out for!

  • Washing unlike materials together
  • Overdrying and overwashing
  • Having a dirty washing machine
  • Washing things when they don’t need washing
  • Mixing colors and whites
  • Using excess water
  • Not emptying the washer and dryer and putting things away promptly
  • Not having a laundry schedule


Happy washing! Hope your laundry day this week isn’t a dread!