4 Unhealthy Habits That Are Ruining Your Relationship

Some unhealthy behaviors in a relationship are apparent: lying, cheating, yelling, and name-calling. However, some behaviors are more subtle, and couples can develop them without realizing they’re damaging. Therapists pointed out four such traits that could be destroying your relationship.

You Ignore Your Partner’s Interests

It is entirely healthy and normal to have differing interests from your partner. Just because your partner is a fan of country music does not mean you have to show up to every Luke Bryan concert with a cowboy hat. However, you can find small ways to support your partner’s interests and passions, even if you don’t like them.

You Don’t Thank Your Partner For The Small Things

When your partner buys you a gift, plans a weekend trip, or books you a massage, you voice your appreciation. However, you may forget to recognize their effort in making your every day better and thank them for it. This could lead to neglect and resentment.

You’ve Gotten Lenient About Your Hygiene

Skipping a shower once in a while is not a big deal. But if you stop taking care of yourself, it can hinder your relationship and cause conflicts. If you’re not tending to yourself when it bothers your partner, it is inconsiderate and can be handled better.

You Criticize Instead Of Expressing Your Needs

Criticism is when you express a concern/complaint as a character flaw. If you snap at your partner for being late and say something like, “You’re always late for dinner. Why can’t you ever be on time? You’re so inconsiderate.”


Criticism leads to people being defensive and making arguments. It does not lead to anything positive. Harsh words can affect our partner’s self-esteem and create emotional distance between the two people.