3 Everyday Common Foods That Can Aid In Pain Relief

In the day and age of prescription and over the counter pain relievers, when pain hits, these are what most people reach for.  But, there are many everyday foods that can help with pain relief in a more natural, healthy way along with providing additional benefits.

Take for instance coffee.  It is estimated that nine in ten people drink a cup or more of coffee during each day.  What most don’t realize is that the caffeine in coffee can serve as a natural pain reliever. Coffee is known for its healthy antioxidants, but in tests amongst those who work out, the caffeine in coffee can delay any onset muscle pain.   If you still feel the need to take a pain reliever, take it with a cup of coffee.  The caffeine acts as a pain reliever booster, aiding in maximum pain relief.

Image: Chef Steps

Another naturally occurring pain reliever is wild caught Salmon.  Chuck full of Omega-3, salmon is a good source for the relief of arthritic and joint pains.  In several recent studies, scientists speculated that ingesting enough Omega-3’s would be equivalent to taking ibuprofen.  But, if like me you do not really take to the taste of salmon, you can still get the benefits.  Omega-3 supplements are available on the market and can work just as well.

Image: Foley’s Produce

In the past few years, there has been an increased use of jalapeno in most foods.  It is a great little spice that compliments most dishes.  But, what you didn’t know is that jalapenos, which also have been thought to prevent heart attacks and are great as a decongestant, also have pain relieving properties.  A naturally occurring ingredient in jalapenos, called Capsaicin, is a pain reliever.  If you are having pain, it is said eating a jalapeno will significantly help.  I myself cannot eat spicy foods.  But I have found that many of the pain rubs on the market today have Capsaicin listed as an ingredient.  So, if possible, I tend to go that route.

So, the next time you find yourself reaching for a pain pill, keep these natural remedies in mind.  You have nothing to lose in trying, and with them being more natural, you have the additional health benefits to gain.