3 Care Tips for Succulents

Having a plant can be a wonderful experience, but if you live in a dry or wintery area keeping them alive can be complicated. However, succulents are an ideal plant for these conditions because they are so much easier to care for.

    1. Arrangement

Keeping succulents indoors is not a problem, but their placement indoors needs to be carefully thought out. Because succulents are plants, they do need a good amount of sunlight, so placing them on a windowsill or in an area that gives you a lot of direct sunlight is the best.

You can also keep the succulent in a fun colored pot or customize it to fit nicely into your decor, so the plant doesn’t look out of place indoors. Make them centerpieces in rooms and on tables. They don’t need much maintenance so they are ideal plants to keep around indoors.

    2. Maintenance

The succulent should be in an area with good ventilation, near a ceiling fan or an air conditioning unit. The soil surrounding the plant should be very dry. Succulents are not plants that need a lot of water. Soil should be completely dry before any water is added.

Keeping the soil dry also ensures that bugs stay away from the succulent. The soil will not rot easily if it stays dry, keeping flys away from the succulent. Many bugs are also attracted to wet soil, so keeping it well-dried means you are keeping bugs out of your house as well.

    3. Leave Them Alone

Succulents do not need a lot of maintenance, which makes them good options for indoor plants. It also means you can place them in a pot and leave them alone except for an occasional watering of the soil. Keeping them away from children and pets is also a good idea, since succulents are good plants to look at and shouldn’t be disturbed.