3 Best Foods to Regrow from Scraps

There are many foods you can buy in the grocery store and then simply regrow again at home, meaning you never have to buy them again. Most of these foods are vegetables, and they are super easy and simple to regrow and enjoy in meals many times over.


Lettuce is one of the most common ingredients for a salad and one of the most common vegetables to find in a refrigerator. Instead of using all the healthy leaves and throwing out the scraps, simply place the base of a stem of lettuce in a small bowl of water.

Place the bowl in a place with good sunlight and change out the water every day. After a few days, new leaves will begin to grow from the center of the stem. Plant the lettuce in some soil and repeat the process for a more long-term option.


Celery is probably the easiest to regrow. Cut off the bottom of the celery stalk and place the base in a small bowl of water. Then place that bowl in the sunlight and about a week later you will start to see the leaves growing out of the base, which means it’s time to plant it in the soil so the celery can grow to its full size.


Avocados are actually good to regrow and it only needs to be completed once for a whole tree to form, but it can be tricky. Cut into the avocado and remove the seed from the middle. Then lightly wash it and use toothpicks to carefully suspend the seed over a small bowl of water, keeping just the bottom submerged.

Check the water level every day and keep the seed out of direct sunlight. About six weeks later a stem will stat protruding from the bottom of the seed. Allow it to grow out to about six inches, then cut it in half, and plant the seed in the soil so it can grow taller.