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27 Life Hacks That Make Life Stuck At Home A Lot Easier!

As Covid lockdowns and restrictions begin to grip the country again, one thing is clear: we’re going to be spending a lot of time at home this winter regardless of where you live.  So why not get ready with these awesome household life hacks?  The term “life hack” is defined as “a tool or technique that makes life easier and more efficient.”   Whether it’s putting vinegar-soaked bread in your garage, pouring salt down your drain, or using ultraviolet lights to blast germs off the surfaces of your home, there are plenty of very timely life hacks that will help make this winter more bearable!

How about wrapping your finger in tin foil, or the millions of cool things you can do with a simple ziploc plastic bag?  Here is our official list of 27 ideas you can do right NOW to make your lockdown life less stressful, more efficient, a touch healthier, and maybe even save a couple bucks along the way!

DIY Travel Cup From Cellophane

In this modern, rush and go world, anything that can make our existence even more simple is a plus in my book.  To be honest, this hack is so great, and so obvious, that I slapped my forehead wondering why I hadn’t thought of it way before now.  You do not have to buy one of those fancy car cups or $65 metal brand name cylinders when traveling with your favorite smoothie or protein shake.

No, now you can enlist a simple product that most everyone already has in their pantry.  Just feel up your cup with your favorite protein shake, smoothie or cup of joe, and cover the top with some Glad Press N Seal (or generic cellophone wrap).  Then, pop a straw through it, and you have a DIY on the go beverage.  Want a little extra seal?  Rubber band right around the rim.  Boom, done.

Image: Small Joys

Stop Snoring Tonight

It’s hard enough to get a full night’s rest without any disturbances. If you snore or have a partner that snores, getting a goodnight’s sleep is nearly impossible. A lack of sleep is one of the worst things for your well being and overall health.

In the past, all you could turn to stop the snoring were CPAP machines. But these were expensive and sometimes even louder than the snores themselves. Or you could turn to a medical operation, but that’s just crazy, especially now. Thankfully, a product called Sleep Connection is turning the sleep industry on its head.

Sleep Connection is a watch-like device that detects snoring by using cutting-edge biosensors. It immediately sends natural electrical pulses to reposition your body and end your snoring.

We just checked and its actually on sale again, but this discount can only be found by clicking here.