15 Mysterious Locations On Earth That Will Give You Chills

This huge world we live in is full of mysterious, forbidden places–and this is exactly the reason why many thrill seekers attempt to breach the most remote, off-limits of locations.    Many locations are undiscovered, some unaccessible, some require high-level top secret government clearances, and some are just downright creepy.   Here is our list of the top 15 most forbidden, off-limits and secretive places on the planet!

RAF Menwith Hill

A sprawling 545-acre facility built in 1954, t his facility located in North Yorkshire in England contains communications data and intelligence for both the US and UK. So unless you have a high level of security clearance, then no you cannot enter Menwith Hill. Within this facility, the United States Army Security Agency built a high-frequency radio that has the ability to monitor and receive communications from the Soviet Union. And while this facility has been around for decades, it is still continued to be used and some individuals speculate that it is where the army control the drone attacks.

Dulce Base

Located in New Mexico, the Dulce Base is the second most popular site Alien fanatics aside from Area 51. This base was rumored to be home to many extraterrestrials. In fact, there were many eyewitness accounts regarding unexplained lighting leaving and entering the area from the sky. This military base has an underground facility that is as highly classified as the infamous Area 51. The facility was allegedly inhabited by aliens that are conducting experiments on humans as approved by the U.S. military. Whether true or just rumors, this place has piqued the curiosity of many people.